In Brazil, it is not easy to import cosmetics. Most imported products are blocked or considered abandoned because the rules, fees, and taxes are strict, which makes the return cost higher than the original cost of the cosmetic products.

Therefore, if the shipment sent to you comes back, we will consider the goods as lost. We cannot accept returns if your box returns for other reasons that are beyond the laws or company errors in shipping, MAR BRASIL Store disclaims responsibility for losses.

Refund Information:

– The Trade Rule used by eCosmeticsBrazil Store as an exporter states that an international box is the responsibility of the importer (YOU), as per Incoterm EXW;

– As our customer, we will provide full assistance and ensure that your package is shipped safely and has a good delivery. But please be alert during the entire delivery of the package;

– It is extremely important that you check all items of your order exactly at the moment you received it from the carrier. Therefore, if you discover any problems in the package such as a leak, broken or missing item, you should inform the courier’s delivery agent. Then, as per procedure, he will open a call informing you of what has happened. You will also have to take some pictures recording the problem when opening the package, we will need them for further investigation, do not forget to immediately contact the vendors or the support representative to inform us about it. You can count on our experience, agility and partnership to try to mitigate any problems and keep losses to a minimum;

– We cannot be responsible if you did not receive the product due to incorrect shipping address information;

– We do not provide refunds in case of dissatisfaction with the product. It is important to emphasize that most of our products are for professional use, and the step-by-step application must be carried out correctly according to the product, by a professional hairdresser. The electronic products used for hair finishing also need to be professional;

– All our products are original and guaranteed. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions;

– We do not offer refunds if you do not include discount coupons in your order;

– We do not refund if you refuse delivery of your order for no apparent reason or refuse to pay customs charges. The purchase on our site is an import to your country, it is important to check the laws and rules for entry of cosmetics and electronics before making it;

– We do not make refunds in case you have not checked the data in the description of the product purchased on the site, all relevant information to it will be available on its page;

– If you purchase the wrong product, we refund you only if the order has not yet been picked up by the courier for delivery.

If any of the 4 (four) situations listed below happens with your products, we guarantee to exchange them for a new product or refund your money:

1. Adulterated or counterfeit products (it is necessary to prove which defect or difficulty you found when using the product, and compare it to a product considered original, we will need photos and videos for proof, in addition to the product batch number and expiration date);

2. Expired products;

3. Products with chemical alterations (we need authenticated proof from a chemical professional and comparison with another product);

4. Products with leaks* or breaks (that make it impossible to use the product);

* Leaks that exceed 5% of the internal content.

In case of doubts, you can contact us by
WhatsApp, at +55 11 985733773, by chat here on our site, or by e-mail: SAC@ecosmeticsbrazil