Buying at eCosmetics Brazil is very easy. Our virtual store was developed with the best in technology, for a quick, pleasant and easy navigation. Check the purchase step-by-step below:

1. Choice of Product

• Through the SEARCH for products, which you find at the top of the store. This field will allow you to search for the desired word anywhere on the site;
• Through our showcase, viewing the available products;
• Through our "category menu". You will be able to browse and filter all the desired information in your search for the product

2. Product Details

• Clicking on any product in the showcase, you will have access to all the details related to it, such as the detailed values ​​and installments, description, etc.

3. Putting the product in the shopping cart

• When choosing the product, and click on "Add to your bag".

4. My Bag

• Check all your order data: quantity, values ​​(unit and total), installment payments;
• Enter the delivery zip code to calculate the value of the service;
• Check all product values ​​and discounts;
• If you have a discount coupon or gift certificate, enter the code in the field provided;
• If you are interested in continuing your browsing through the store, click on the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button;
• If you want to close your order, click on "Checkout".

5. Delivery

• Register a shipping address for the product. You can register more than one address and choose the one you prefer at the time of purchase;
• If you already have a delivery address registered, select this address and go to the next step;
• Select your preferred delivery method;
• Check the values ​​and delivery time for each mode;

6. Closing the Order

• Check your purchase data again, to make sure that the information is in accordance with your order;
• Choose the desired payment method. Note: All forms of payment are exposed on this page, as well as the installment data for the purchase, according to each modality.
• Fill in the fields (when necessary) to complete your purchase.

7. Finalizing the purchase

• Check the information of the total purchase and the installment chosen.
• Click "PAY".

8. Information about your order

• As soon as your purchase is completed, you will see your order information on the screen;
• Then, you will receive a message in the email informed in your registration, with all the information related to the order just placed;
• All changes to the status of your order will also be reported via email. Note: it is important that you register the email correctly, so that you can receive messages sent by our store.