Perfect Liss Advance New Advance Passo 3 Step 3 Mask 500g

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PerfectLiss Advance New Advance Step 3 Conditioner Mask - Step 3 500gTAMARINDO + LOTUS- Thermal reduction- Smooths 100% of the wires- ZERO formaldehyde and derivatives- Does not cause breakage of the wires- Dermatologically tested and approved- Does not generate smoke and ends the discomfortCONDITIONER MASKThe Conditioner Mask, formula developed with...
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PerfectLiss Advance New Advance Step 3 Conditioner Mask - Step 3 500g


- Thermal reduction
- Smooths 100% of the wires
- ZERO formaldehyde and derivatives
- Does not cause breakage of the wires
- Dermatologically tested and approved
- Does not generate smoke and ends the discomfort

The Conditioner Mask, formula developed with Lotus and Tamarind, restructures and balances the pH of the hair. With antioxidant action, it returns the natural elasticity of the strands, replenishing nutrients, and amino acids, creating a protective film on the hair, which, in addition to moisturizing and shining, protects them against UV rays.

The Perfectliss Advance line was developed to serve Professionals with safety, comfort and the expected result, smooths up to 100% of the wires, does not cause fading and does not cause hair loss. Its application does not generate smoke and does away with discomfort.

ForceField technology is a protective force field that acts naturally on the strands against the side effects of acids and keeps hair balanced and healthy. This technology was developed by VisatHair in partnership with renowned Brazilian and North American universities, including a support negotiation from the traditional Harvard University Boston.


LOTUS: With vitamins B1 and B2, it helps the water molecules, absorbing their benefits and moisturizing them.

TAMARINDO: Prevents premature aging of the hair, increases the durability of the hair, controls frizz and gives extra shine.

TOURMALINE: Acts by emitting negative ions creating physical stability and neutralizing positive ions. These, combined with emollient agents, enhance the frizz result.

VIOLET 43: Pigment of Italian origin responsible for preventing fading. Its exclusive formula has essential oils and flavonoids that absorb UV radiation, making it a great sunscreen.

TANIC ACID: Derived from the Black Acacia tree, which produces Tannic Acid, it is an asset that promotes the imbalance of the bonds inside the wire. It allows the realignment of the hair fiber and the reduction of the volume from heat and traction.

HYALURONIC ACID: Anti-acting and responsible for the structural filling of cracks, internal and external, caused by chemical and physical procedures. It also regulates the hydro lipidic system of the threads keeping them more hydrated.

LACTIC ACID: Lactic acid has a very low molecular weight, thus penetrating and recovering even the deepest hair structure. Decreases the resistance of the keratin chain, facilitating a new shape of the hair while balancing the pH.

Progressive Brush ,Brazilian Keratin ,brazilian protein




Progressive Brush ,Brazilian Keratin ,brazilian protein


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